Manual Labour Jobs

When you are travelling abroad, manual labour jobs such as building, farm work, and fruit picking can often be the easiest type of jobs to get. This is because many employers are happy to give cash in hand for this kind of labour work – and travellers are often willing to work for a lower wage than citizens of the country are.

Building Work Abroad

There is often a lot of building work available abroad, particularly in European countries but it is important to make sure you stay safe whilst working. Many employers have poor or very little safety equipment so it is important to make sure you feel comfortable and safe whilst working on a building site abroad. Work is often cash in hand and tiring – but tends to be reasonable money.

Fruit Picking

Fruit picking is particularly popular in countries such as Australia where a large number of gap year travellers and backpackers take up position as fruit pickers. This can be hard manual labour and tends to be poorly paid but it is a great way to talk to and meet fellow travellers and the social scene can be enjoyable. This kind of work often provides accommodation for workers, which can save a substantial amount of cash destined to be spent on hostel accommodation.

Farm Work

Farm work is picked up easily around harvest time, when many hands are required to help gather crops such as hay and potatoes. Like fruit picking, this can involve hard work and long hours, but is ideal for those looking for short-term work before resuming their travels. Farm workers are often provided with meals and accommodation, making this ideal work for those trying to save money.

Animal Care Work

Those with an interest in animals may find job opportunities in zoos and stable yards, where help is often required during busy periods to care for the animals. The work can be messy at times and may not pay well but there will be plenty of chances to meet people as well as top up a travelling budget. Those with equestrian experience may find job opportunities on holiday ranches, leading out trail rides and giving instruction.

Activity Centre Work

Activity centres often look for extra staff during busy periods to help maintain facilities as well as assisting with a variety of water and land-based sports. This kind of work can involve repairing equipment, tidying activity areas and other tasks that are required in the every-day running of the business. There may be opportunities to try out activities such as kayaking, rock climbing, and white-water rafting during leisure time, making this ideal work for sporting enthusiasts.

Summer Jobs Abroad

It can be difficult to find summer jobs abroad with a large amount of competition from students and travellers but if you do manage to find one, they can be excellent earners. There are office and non-manual labour jobs available, particularly in the better developed countries and many travellers find they may be drawn into staying in the country long-term or even settling down. If you can find an office summer job, then it is worth applying early, as competition is fierce. Other summer jobs usually involve resort work of some sort, such as bar work or childcare; other opportunities such as summer camps also provide excellent experience.,/p>