Other Options including Volunteering

There are a number of options to consider that, whilst may not be the best way to fund travel, are certainly excellent opportunities to make your trip truly memorable.

Volunteer Work

There are tons of volunteer schemes available across the world - whether you like working with animals, people or just enjoy getting your hands dirty. Volunteer schemes, particularly animal volunteer work, can often be quite expensive so you do have to pay for the privilige of helping others - but you also get to visit places and immerse yourself in local culture in a way that is often not possible with generic holidays.

Many of the top animal volunteer programs are based in Africa or South America - as these are host to many of the world's most popular animals. Examples of the costs involved are exemplified by this hands-on conservation with lions in Zambia, which will set you back over £1,000 for 2 weeks. So, you'll need to be sure to save your pennies before you travel!

Working with people - particularly children, tends to be far cheaper. For example, a month working with kids in Cameroon can set you back absolutely nothing, making it one of the only a few free volunteer programs.

Gap Year Progams

There are numerous gap year programs that are available throughout the world for gap year travellers - to popular gap year programs such as helping run adventure camps for youngsters, to slightly less popular but perhaps more rewarding programs such as helping build schools and wells in Ethiopia. Whatever tickles your fancy, you are likely to be able to find a gap year program to suit you - just be aware that you won't be able to spend the trip sunning yourself! Some gap year programs, particularly the camps, offer a low wage, meaning you can self-fund much of your trip, particularly if you stay for a lengthy period of time, so it is also worth keeping that in mind.