Teaching Abroad & TEFL

There are a vast numerous of teaching abroad jobs that are located throughout the world. These can realistically be broken down into unpaid and paid teaching jobs.

Unpaid Teaching Jobs

These are, naturally, more common that the paid teaching jobs. They are often teaching jobs where you don't necessarily perform the role of the teacher in the classroom and are instead a classroom assistant. Where you do have a full-on capacity for teaching, you are often given the role of teaching English to the students. With any teaching job, it is beneficial to know the language of the country that you are visiting as this makes interaction far easier. With an unpaid teaching job, you can normally get away with only speaking a few native words, unlike a paid teaching job where you are often expected to know the local and national dialect.

Paid Teaching Jobs Abroad

Paid teaching jobs abroad often consist of teaching english as a foreign language, otherwise known as TEFL. There are a number of qualifications that can help with this, perhaps the most well known being the CELTA (Certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages) which is awarded by Cambridge ESOL. As a paid teacher, having a qualification can be extrememly beneficial to add to your CV when looking for a teaching job abroad. Of course, it's also useful to know the national language at the very least, if not the local dialect (if applicable) as well. As a paid teacher abroad you'll be expected to be proficient in the teaching of children of all ages - particularly in poorer countries, adaptability can be extremely important as facilities may be significantly poorer than in western countries.