Working Online Jobs - helping to fund your travel

Before you read on, it is important to note that there are a number of common scams in regard to online jobs, particularly when it comes to data entry. These scams will either be used to steal your details, or you will complete your work and then will not receive a wage. Make sure to be careful when agreeing to an online 'work from home' position such as data entry.

Create a Blog

One of the easiest ways to fund your travel is to create a blog. It is not quite as easy as 'create a blog and the traffic will come' but it is certainly possible. There are a number of travel blogs, particularly backpacker travel blogs, that earn their owners a good wage and many use this wage to continue to travel the world for many years. The most important things to remember are that you need your blog to stand apart from the rest and you need to know how to write in a manner that attracts and interests people. Earning through a blog can be risky as you may not know how much you can earn through it until you actually start adding information, after you head off. It's also best to have money behind you and then you can always continue on your travels after your main money runs out if your blog really takes off.

Create a Website

Websites are a little less risky than blogs. This is because you can often get a website fully operational and earning a profit before you even leave the country. Many people with popular travel websites do just this; updating their site whilst they are on their travels and leaving it to bring in the necessary income. A single website can easily fund your travel, particularly in cheaper areas of the world such as South East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam etc). Here's our guide to creating your own.

Data Entry Jobs

If you do manage to find a real data entry job, then this is a great way to earn money as you travel. Many companies don't care where you complete the work, as long as it is completed and completed on time. Whilst the wages tend to be low, as long as you are staying in a country where living costs are low, you can easily survive on a data entry wage.